Civil Litigation

Civil rights are fundamental to all citizens and the US Federal and State Constitution protects people’s rights against all types of discriminatory actions. Whether you have been denied overtime pay, experienced gender or other type of discrimination in the workplace, are a victim of false arrest, wrongful conviction or other police misconduct, you have the right to get justice. Laws are already in place to protect your interests. However, not everybody is aware of them or may not be sure whom to approach if their civil rights are violated by police, government or an employer.

Discrimination based on race, gender, age, parental status, disability or religion is a severe crime and must be brought under law. That’s why The Opande Law Firm makes it a point to discuss your issues in detail to work out a solution that best protects your interest.

Our experienced civil rights lawyers can help you in these circumstances:
  • Civil rights violations on the basis of race, creed or skin color, discrimination on the basis of national origin·
  • Assault by police, accidental shootings, false arrests, malicious prosecution, racially motivated discrimination and arrests·
  • Cruel disciplinary actions, infringement on freedom of religion, infringement of free speech, failure to provide proper medical care while incarcerated·
  • Violations of the 1981 Freedom of Information Act
  • Government violation of privacy, speech, or freedom
  • Selective enforcement besides others

If you feel you have been given a partial treatment due to your color, gender, national origin or age, you have every right to fight for justice. Speak with our Civil Rights Lawyer to bring suit against your employer or the Government, if necessary, for unlawful discrimination today!